What is Match Grade? 

Match Grade is a veteran-owned apparel company that’s all about giving back. We’re starting off with shirts, made entirely in the U.S., and we donate $1 of every shirt to a vetted, family-run charity.


Our Story

It all started with a Marine who had just completed 7 years of service. Alec Reisberg entered civilian life with a Los Angeles-based construction firm who had the vision to hire a grunt with a positive attitude and a lot of promise. Through the process, Alec came to a couple of big realizations.

Number 1: After a long day on a job site, he wanted nothing more than to kick back in comfort. He always had those couple go-to shirts to wear when they finally sounded liberty.

Number 2: There aren't as many opportunities as a civilian to truly help others in the way that he was used to. He felt a void that had previously been filled by the pride that comes with being part of the U.S. Military. The pride that comes with fighting beside his brothers and sisters and serving his country. 

Maybe he could bring these two things together into a way that will help millions of Veterans and service members while also providing really cool, comfortable clothes. And Match Grade Apparel was born. Two years and lots of hard work later, with the help of many trusted friends, family, and his extremely supportive wife Nicole, we are about to bring you 100% American-made gear that you will be proud to wear.  Whether you're just getting started in your military career, finishing your 20, somewhere in between, or just a supporter, we've got something for you!